Story Series

A Bowl of Noodle Soup – Pastor Wu

November, 2014

Azi is an angry youngster whom I've accompanied for many years in our ministry. Azi was sent to Galilee Family Social Welfare Foundation for counseling when he was 11 years old. Due to long term physical and mental abuse by his father, Azi was initially withdrawn and vulnerable. He was often indifferent during our weekly meetings, and would use various excuses for his tardiness or absence. I knew he was not able to open himself up to others because he was not ready to deal with the wounds in his heart. Thus, I decided to change our weekly meetings to have meals together every 10 days.

Who would have thought that having noodle bowls regularly with Azi would have such a dramatic effect on him? It seemed that a casual, simple bowl of noodles had created a stream of warmth into his heart. Feeling accepted and cared for, Azi began to open his heart; he more readily accepted suggestions and advice from his companion adviser. As the years passed, the self-proclaimed "spitfire dragon" grew to become a mature young man. He was able to deal with his family's turmoil with courage and a sense of security.

"Adolescent companionship for behavior change” has become our mantra. Galilee Foundation's care for delinquent juveniles, battered women, and abused children may be just like a bowl of noodles. And it often amazes us what a bowl of noodles infused with sincere concerns and God's grace can accomplish.

To some degree, Azi is a fortunate youngster. There was a guardian angel accompanying him during his adolescent development. There are still many other "Azi's" who are not so fortunate and fall into despair and peril. Please pray for us: may God grant us abundant love, patience, and wisdom to guide those delinquent juveniles, and may He give us enough resources to support the continuing programs. May God Himself also heal the great hurt in their hearts!