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  • Feeding the passion of concerns and love for others

  • Working to benefit the receivers and the givers

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Counselor Sindy and Boy Ali (continued)

One afternoon, I encountered Ali in the supermarket. While chatting, the boy said he would not have any girlfriends until after he started college. I praised his decision and asked why. He answered: “Counselor Sindy said she had a boyfriend only after she went to college. I want to be as smart as counselor Sindy…I don’t want to become a gangster, I want to be a chef in a Japanese restaurant and marry a warm, gentle girl…”

The chat with Ali touched my heart. This tearful joy and satisfaction encourage my colleagues and me to continue marching forward in this project of HOPE that is time-consuming, often difficult, and whose results are very hard to quantify.

Toward the end of spring, I met Ali riding a bicycle with his friend on the street. Ali shouted to me: “Counselor Fang Fang, please don’t get old! All the counselors in Galilee, please don’t get old…” Standing in the corner of the street, I felt deeply grateful and deeply blessed….

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Prayer Requests

1. Pray that God bless Canaan’s adopted T.R.I.B.E. star ministry stronghold in Hot Spring, Taitung. May His kingdom arrive in the nearby villages

2. Pray for the smooth operation for the new T.R.I.B.E. star ministry

3. Pray for the new counselor Mrs. Dai Ya-Lin; may she adjust well in the rural mountain village and find a suitable partner for the new T.R.I.B.E. star ministry stronghold

4. Pray for T.R.I.B.E. star ministry; may God invoke everyone’s passion for service; serve in unity; open our eyes to do the works that please Him

"Galilee Adoption-Guidance Program" Story Series

Counselor Sindy and Boy Ali by Pastor Fang Fang Wu December 2014 Sindy is a campus counseling volunteer with the Galilee Social Welfare Foundation. Sindy grew up in Japan with a gentle and warm temperament. She has been dedicated to Galilee’s campus adoption-guidance program for many years.

No matter how busy they are, Sindy and her fellow volunteering counselors always make time to go to their respective elementary schools in the tribal communities. They focus on the children identified by school teachers in need of counseling. These children suffer from behavioral disorders, relationship difficulties, lack of parental guidance, impulse control disorder, and family turmoil. The counselors accompany, support and guide the children individually.

The campus adoption-guidance program holds two beliefs:

1. Influence by example – more guidance; less instruction

2. Constancy of Love – companionship and guidance for life-changing behavior

Therefore, each counselor generally accepts the mission to commit at least two years for each adopted child. Except in rare situations, the counselors will not change the adoption-guidance relationship.

One of Sindy’s adoptees was a naughty boy named Ali. After a year of complete dedication to accompanying Ali, Sindy thought Ali had become an adolescent whose physical and mental development required the guidance of a different counselor. As such, counselor Shiaomin took over accompanying Ali.

Shortly after the new semester began, Shiaomin shared with us many touching stories. She noted that Sindy actually had profound influence over Ali. Unwittingly, Ali learned and internalized Sindy’s fine Japanese-style conduct. For instance, Ali would greet teachers and counselors with 90 degree bows. When Shiaomin removed her shoes to enter the wood-floored classroom, Ali would quietly go over to turn her shoes outward and place them neatly by the door. Ali’s changed behaviors not only consoled and cheered Shiaomin but also gave Sindy huge encouragement.