Your Ways to Support

In order to nurture the growth and see the new life taking roots in children; it is necessary to make a commitment for 3 years to support the new star ministry. We need to raise $30,000 a year for the operating fund. If you feel the calling, please join us to support this ministry. You may choose one or more of the following ways:□ Donate US$100/month for 12 months or US$1,200/year □ One Time Donation US$ ___________□ Make healthy food or snacks for sale to raise funds □ Provide missionary support at TRIBE Star Ministry□ OtherPlease talk to one of the T.R.I.B.E. co-workers: Jennifer Jan, Peili Wu, Li-Yuan Shih, Jim Fang, Ling Ling Juang to join the support. Or you can download and print the attached pledge form; fill it out and submit it in the offering bag.Thank you!

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