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All-Canaan Events

list features all-church events and activities that may interest multiple age and language groups. To see additional dates and more information for events related to Taiwanese, English, Mandarin, Youth, or Children's ministries, please visit each ministry's respective web pages.

Taiwan Summer Missions Trip 
2016: 6/28-7/16 

Nantou AEF 2016: Thu June 30-Sat July 9
"Light of the World"

Chiayi: Sat July 9 - Sat July 16

VBS Summer Camp
for students age 3.5 to grade 6
for volunteers in grade 7 to adult
2016: 7/26-30

2016 Youth Retreat: February 12-15
2016 Mandarin Retreat: June 3-5
2016 English Retreat: August 26-28
2016 Young Families Retreat (in Mandarin): September 3-5
2016 Taiwanese Adults Retreat: September 23-25, 2016

All-Church Annual Congregational Meeting 
primarily in English, with Taiwanese and Mandarin

Canaan "Yes” Festival 
10/31/2015: Canaan 35th Anniversary Celebration
Taiwanese night market food, games, performances.
6/19/2016: Go Mission Fundraising Event 

Mandarin Gospel Events
3/13/2016 (Gospel Sunday), 12/10/2016 (Gospel Night) 

Family Nights
once every few months, 5:00-8:00 p.m., for children and their families
Including: Family Potluck and Movie Nights on 1/23/2016, 5/21/2016, 9/24/2016

All-Church Communion and Baptism Celebration Services
primarily in English, with Taiwanese and Mandarin
Including: 12/6/2015 (Christmas), 3/27/2016 (Easter), 8/7/2016, 12/4/2016

Communion or Lord’s Supper 
in separate Taiwanese, English, and Mandarin 10:00 Sunday services
Including: 2/7/2016, 6/5/2016, 10/2/2016